Home Entertainment: ‘What Men Want’ DVD Review

Based on the Mel Gibson 2000 movie What Women Want, the obvious, though appropriately titled What Men Want flips genders by positioning the hugely talented Taraji P. Henson (Hustle & Flow) in the lead. Henson is Atlanta-based sports agent Ali Davis, an accomplished, though highly strung woman struggling in a male-dominated working environment, career-blocked due to her issues with connecting with male clients. During a friend’s bachelorette party, Ali downs a potent concoction given to her by a mysterious psychic, a beverage which has seemingly given her the ability to hear men’s thoughts. When the opportunity presents itself to sign basketball stars and ‘next big thing’ Jamal Barry (Shane Paul McGhie), Ali uses her new gift in an attempt to sign him to her agency and score herself the position of partner.

What Men Want take its time in getting going, early scenes bordering on the cliche and hugely predictable but thankfully,
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