Tom Holland Reveals Someone Else Played Peter Parker In The McU Before Him

Spider-Man’s introduction into the McU back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War opened up a plethora of possibilities for crossovers. A curious one that fans quickly took to, however, was the idea that Peter Parker had actually appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe many years prior.

If you’ll recall, in Iron Man 2, a young boy wearing an Iron Man mask was rescued by Tony Stark at the Stark Expo. Given that we know Peter’s a science nerd and a big fan of Tony’s, it made sense that this could’ve been him. Turns out it was, as Tom Holland has since confirmed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige considers it to be canon and that the kid we saw in the aforementioned sequel was definitely a young Peter Parker. However, it obviously wasn’t Holland playing him.

This is something the actor spoke about once
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