The queen of evil dolls: why Annabelle's work ethic makes her a great role model

Amid the glut of bad films about possessed toys, kids can learn a lot from Annabelle – the devil doll with an impressive can-do attitude

The film industry is notorious for overworking genres so remorselessly that the public forgets what made them special in the first place. This happened long ago with westerns, films about the mafia or insect-like extraterrestrials, and in recent years Hollywood has milked dry the zombie/vampire idiom as well. Now the same thing has happened with films about evil dolls.

Movies with demonically possessed dolls have been around for generations, but in the last couple of years they have become so ubiquitous that when you see any movie with a doll in it, you’re surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be the spawn of Satan. The new Child’s Play reboot – with Chucky as a dysfunctional Alexa – is the eighth in a largely
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