Film Review: ‘Phil’

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Film Review: ‘Phil’
There’s a feeling I always have when I’m watching Greg Kinnear in a movie. He can be a terrific actor. Yet even when he’s just okay, Kinnear seems like such a nice guy that I want him to succeed — I feel almost protective of him, as if he were my little brother. That more-than-skin-deep geniality is the source of Kinnear’s appeal, going all the way back to his hosting gig on “Talk Soup,” where he had the weird ability to invest even pure snark with good vibes.

Given that, when I watched “Phil,” the first movie Kinnear has directed (he also stars in it), you can bet that the protective impulse was in high gear. Yet “Phil,” I have to report, is one of those precious indie nothings that hits you like dandelion fluff. It’s the sort of film that still has its original, now-changed
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