Yesterday Review: A Groovy Good Time at the Movies

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Yesterday Review: A Groovy Good Time at the Movies
Last year, I saw the second trailer for Welcome to Marwen, and by the end of its wonderful 2-minute runtime, Marwen was my most anticipated film of the year. By the end of the movie's 114-minute runtime, I had barely made it through my worst experience in a movie theater in a decade. I was not ready to love again. Then I saw the trailer for Yesterday, a high-concept comedy which seemed, like Marwen, to have a bunch of really great ingredients; You have a script by the legendary Richard Curtis of Love, Actually fame, starring a charismatic new actor in Himesh Patel, and a fabulous director in Danny Boyle. All the ingredients promised something great. After the betrayal I had experienced the previous year, I was nervous to risk going through this a second time.

With a tremendous sigh of relief, I can say that Yesterday, while not quite living up to the anticipation,
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