Storyboard Art For J.J. Abrams' Scrapped Superman: Flyby Film

Before J.J. Abrams became an A-list director in Hollywood, he wrote a script for a Superman film in 2002 called Superman: Flyby. He was still working on the TV series Felicity when he wrote the script. His concept for it was off the wall! It would’ve been unlike anything anyone had ever seen from a Superman movie before.

Here’s a previously released synopsis for the film:

Superman: Flyby was an origin story that included Krypton besieged by a civil war between Jor-El and his corrupt brother, Kata-Zor. Before Kata-Zor sentences Jor-El to prison, Kal-El is launched to Earth to fulfill a prophecy. Adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, he forms a romance with Lois Lane in the Daily Planet. However, Lois is more concerned with exposing Lex Luthor, written as a government agent obsessed with UFO phenomena. Clark reveals himself to the world as Superman, bringing Kata-Zor’s son,
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