Podtalk: Director Miranda Bailey Feature Film Debut is ‘Being Frank’

Chicago – Miranda Bailey has a proven track record as a film producer of big title independent films, and has worked as a writer and actor. She has now conquered the creative side, as she makes her debut as a feature film director with “Being Frank.” The film features comedian Jim Gaffigan in the title role, and also features Anna Gunn, Samantha Mathis and Alex Karpovsky.

Being Frank” has Jim G. as a father, which he also famously is in real life, but this Dad has a twist. Somehow, someway Frank has managed to maintain two families, and take them to maturation. This bigamist jig is slowly coming apart as the film begins, when Phillip (Logan Miller), the son of the Mom portrayed by Anna Gunn, begins to suspect that something is amiss. Meanwhile, in Frank’s second family (where the Mom is played by Samantha Mathis), his daughter Allison (Danielle Campbell
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