Podtalk: Comedian Jim Gaffigan on His New Film ‘Being Frank’

Chicago – Comedian Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest persons on earth, basically by being himself (Score!). In the last five years, he has been immersing himself into the waters of character acting in the movies, doing some serious supporting roles in films like “Chuck” and “Chappaquiddick.”

Lately, he has been on an indie film streak, with lead roles this year in “Light from Light” – which closed this year’s Chicago Critics Festival – and the recently released “Being Frank,” in which he portrays the title character.

Directed by Miranda Bailey, “Being Frank” has Jim G. as a father, which he also famously is in real life, but this Dad has a twist. Somehow, someway Frank has managed to maintain two families, and take them to maturation. This jig is slowly coming apart as the film begins, as Phillip (Logan Miller), the son of the Mom portrayed by Anna Gunn, begins
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