Interview: Director David Slade Discusses the Emotional Journey of This Way To Egress and Reteaming with Elizabeth Reaser for Nightmare Cinema

From Hard Candy to 30 Days of Night to the Hannibal TV series and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, David Slade has been giving viewers thought-provoking nightmare fuel for years, making him the perfect choice to be one of the five directors in the new film Nightmare Cinema. With the horror anthology out now in theaters and VOD platforms, Daily Dead talked with Slade about his segment, This Way to Egress, including the short film's emotional journey to getting made, working with writer Lawrence C. Connolly to adapt his short story, and reteaming with Elizabeth Reaser.

Thanks for taking the time to talk, David, and congratulations on Nightmare Cinema and your short, This Way To Egress. I like how Nightmare Cinema is this grab bag of different nightmarish horror shorts, and yours is really interesting to me because it is so psychological and yet it is so visceral, too. How were you approached
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