‘Stanley Kubrick Exhibition’ Review

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Remember Jon Ronson’s 2008 documentary, Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes? Fans of the great director, that famously reclusive weirdo, surely do. Well, the boxes have been opened, and the contents curated and meticulously arranged in London’s Design Museum. Apart from being a breathtaking collection in its own right, it goes a long way toward correcting the myth that Stanley Kubrick was a reclusive weirdo.

What emerges from my time in this dizzying, dense and deeply intimate exhibition is an increased sense of the passionate professional Kubrick truly was. It is beautifully conceived. Through a dazzling entrance of light and colour, you emerge from the Stargate into a hallway full of hand-drawn notes and sketches. Letters to and from producers; early poster designs (Saul Bass at his best); original clapperboards – teasers for the delights that lie deeper within.

The exhibition goes through each of Kubrick’s feature films systematically, although not chronologically.
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