FrightFest Presents Review – Terror of Hallow’s Eve (2017)

Terror of Hallow’s Eve, 2017.

Directed by Todd Tucker.

Starring Caleb Thomas, Sarah Lancaster, Annie Read, Mcabe Gregg, Doug Jones, and Eric Roberts.


A bullied teenager summons the Trickster and wishes revenge on his tormentors.

If the John Carpenter-esque font of the title cards and the opening shot of three teenage girls walking down the street on their way home from school doesn’t clue you in as to where director/co-writer Todd Tucker is coming from then the neon lighting, fantastical practical effects and ominous epilogue set in a hospital rams it home, as Terror of Hallow’s Eve positively basks in every 1980s horror movie trope you can think of.

At the centre of the movie is that age-old nugget about being careful what you wish for as troubled teenager Tim (Caleb Thomas – Chase Champion) makes a wish on a pumpkin that he finds growing down
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