The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert review – riotous return trip

In this smart, lovable gem, now rereleased, a trans woman and two drag queens kick up the dust in Australia’s outback

Terence Stamp had his finest hour with this movie, which incidentally allowed me to “get” Terence Stamp, while at the same wondering – as he deadpanned his role alongside Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce squeezing every last outrageous drop from theirs – whether Stamp completely “got” what was happening himself.

In 1994, writer-director Stephan Elliott created a pioneering Lgbt gem with this funny, smart and intensely lovable road-trip comedy – an anti-Crocodile Dundee. It’s about Tick (Weaving) and Adam (Pearce), Australian drag-queen short of cash who journey from Sydney to Alice Springs where Tick’s estranged straight wife, Marion (Sarah Chadwick), has got them a gig performing in a hotel lounge. This they do in a converted bus that they rename Priscilla and have to repaint, to cover the homophobic graffiti
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