‘Bait’ Review: Dir. Mark Jenkin (2019) [Sydney]

Bait Review: This experimental melodrama about change and inevitability in a Cornish coastal village is a surprising, hypnotic success.

As the screen fades to black with the sound of the sea in my head, there really is something quite special about experimental filmmaker Mark Jenkin’s feature film Bait. One of several directors making his mark in the Cornish-British film industry, the form of Jenkin no-holds-barred film about the co-dependency of unlikely bedfellows in an impoverished coastal village will captivate you in ways you won’t expect.

Martin Ward (played by comedian Edward Rowe) is a generational fisherman without a boat. His brother Steven (Giles King) has moved on from tradition and repurposed their father’s boat as a tripper for the London bourgeoisie. The family home is gone too; sold to the Leigh family who use the harbour front cottage as a quaint getaway from life in the city
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