The Venture Bros. - Sirena Goes Off in Exclusive Season 7 Clip

Daniel Kurland Jun 3, 2019

We have an exclusive look at one of the special features on The Venture Bros. season 7 DVD and Blu-ray!

The Venture Bros. properly understands its audience and tries to reward them as much as possible. Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick’s animated series has been a staple on Adult Swim for over a decade, but a lengthy production cycle turns each new season into an event to get excited over. As a way to make the wait between seasons less torturous, The Venture Bros. always delivers a top-notch home release that’s full of extra content for the obsessive fans.

The Venture Bros. season 7 answers many of the show’s oldest mysteries and progresses the series forward in massive ways that fans have been waiting for years to see. Even though the show’s seventh season finished airing back in October of 2018, the time has finally come
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