Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Movie Review

No reference to the Lok Sabha elections. But the monsters are coming. Not that they don't try to behave themselves. This, the latest calamitous product in the disaster genre has a core of humanism. There is a family at the heart of the tail' with a dizzying spin.

A disastrous tryst with restless dinosaurs Ain an earlier film has torn Dr Mark Russell (a charismatic Kyle Chandler) away from his wife and daughter. The wife hasA moved away with their daughter to some disastrous ecological decisions.

As we, the film and its convulsive script suffer one monster attack after another (mercifully not in 3D) family values are tossed around among ecological villains like pieces of chicken around a bonfire. They, naughty boys, want to awaken the sleeping monsters for their own selfish reasons.

Much of the film reads like an atomic alert sounded at a decibel where all the hysterical shouting is so incoherent,
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