Top 10 Highest-Grossing Monster Movies, From ‘Godzilla’ to ‘King Kong’ (Photos)

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This weekend, Paramount is releasing “Crawl,” a creature feature about a flooded town besieged by hordes of alligators. It’s the latest addition to the collection of creature features that have come out over the decades, the most successful of which have featured kaijus, giant apes, and dinosaurs.

Note: All figures are from Comscore and Box Office Mojo, and are not adjusted for inflation.

10.) Godzilla (1998) $136M Domestic

Roland Emmerich’s overhaul of Toho’s most famous kaiju was panned by critics, including Siskel and Ebert, whom Emmerich mocked with characters meant to be thinly veiled parodies of the two critics. Siskel and Ebert were not impressed, saying they if they were going to be mocked in a Godzilla movie, they should have been “squished like a bug.”

9.) Gremlins (1984) $148M

The magnum opus of Joe Dante, one of the most famous creature feature directors ever. Dante was known for his macabre,
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