Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 8 Review: You're Mine

Eve and Villanelle end their mission in Rome - and season 2 - with a bang




This Killing Eve review contains spoilers.

Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 8

Killing Eve set the tone for its season 2 finale early: Eve heard gunshots outside her room, kicking off a sequence that led to Villanelle slitting Aaron Peel’s throat while making him watch, all within the first fifteen minutes. Where do we go from here? the two women were left wondering while the audience glanced at the clock and had much the same experience.

This season started off strong and faltered a bit when Villanelle became too much a part of Eve’s world, their interactions too commonplace to have the kind of strange, stabby spark that makes the show so electric. I have a feeling that those who binge-watch or who see it week-to-week but are warned that their concerns are
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