Film review: In a New York Minute (2019) by Ximan Li

Although filmed entirely in New York and in completely Us production, Ximan Li’s debut feature “In a New York Minute” qualifies for being considered as an Asian film based on its milieu: the Chinese diaspora in the Us. Think of last year’s global hit “Crazy Rich Asians”, but without the “crazy” and “rich” parts and “In a New York Minute” offers its patient viewers a glimpse into the world rarely seen in both Hollywood mainstream and indie movies. However, the film is also quite an American one and its world premiere took place at Newport Beach Film Festival. Some further festival exposure should ensue before the film hits the video-market, but chances for wide theatre distribution are quite slim.

“In a New York Minute” is screening at Newport Beach Film Festival

Structured in the manner of “hyperlink cinema” of the 90’s, “In a New York Minute” tells the
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