Sam Straley aka Lawrence Cleary Reminds Networks Why to #SaveTheKidsAreAlright

Sometimes a show hits a nerve.

That nerve is raw right now with the cancellation of The Kids Are Alright, a sweet family comedy that, much like Roseanne did back in the day, showcases what family really means -- no guts, no glory.

We already have a terrific article you need to read to get in on the action, but when Sam Straley aka Lawrence Cleary commented on that post, he shared the video below, and darn it, it deserves its day in the spotlight!

Save Tkaa from Sam Straley on Vimeo.

The rest of the article, argued passionately by Jack Ori, is below with a link to the original with all of the comments that came with it.

So come on. Who is going to swoop in and save the Cleary family? The '70s called, and they want their show back!!!


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