Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: William B. Davis Exposes Smoke And Mirrors

Tony Sokol May 14, 2019

Witches Council elder Methuselah doesn't mind if you smoke and doesn't care if you burn.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hosts a somewhat less than venerated group of wise wizards in season 2, albeit a reluctant one. Hilda Spellman summons the Dishonorable Council of Witches to deal with a High Priest who has gone off his rocker, honestly. Father Blackwood is changing the tenets of the Church of Night, which he re-anti-christened the Church of Judas, and declared intentions to break away from the Churches of Darkness. The council, which previously bound Sabrina's warlock cousin Ambrose to the Spellman house for hundreds of years, is headed by Father Methuselah.

Methuselah is played by William B. Davis, who besides being a sitting member of the Witches Council, played Carl Gerhard Bush Spender, better known as Cigarette Smoking Man, who was part of the State Department's secretive "Syndicate" which oversaw alien colonization on The X-Files.
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