When Does Agents of Shield Season 6 Take Place in Relation to Avengers: Endgame?

Marc Buxton May 13, 2019

Does Agents of Shield season 6 address Avengers: Endgame? Or does it ignore it altogether?

This article contains spoilers for Agents of Shield season 6 episode 1 and Avengers: Endgame. We have a spoiler-free review of the season premiere here.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield is back at a time where the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn’t be hotter. We just came off Avengers: Endgame and find ourselves in a vastly different McU than where the season 5 finale left us last year. You might think telling stories during and after Thanos’s snap and after Tony Stark’s sacrifice would make for some truly great Marvel story fodder. But not so fast, True Believer.

The season 5 finale of Agents of Shield did briefly address Thanos and his armada invading earth. Of course, Coulson, Quake, and the rest were too busy solving their own chronal problems to really focus on Thanos
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