Tiya Sircar in First Trailer for Netflix's 'Good Sam' Set in New York City

"There are way more people out there doing good." Netflix has debuted the trailer for an indie drama titled Good Sam, directed by Kate Melville. The film about a good samaritan nicknamed, of course, "Good Sam", who starts leaving bags of $100,000 on doorsteps in New York City. A TV reporter named Kate Bradley is sent to investigate the mystery, which ends up turning her whole life upside-down. This is one of those funny concepts that on paper sounds like it could be a horror, or a thriller, or a dramatic thriller, with some crazy big twists and turns. But this trailer actually makes it look like a light-hearted uplifting romance, and it seems she's going to fall in love with (or discover something else wonderful) about this "Good Sam". Tiya Sircar stars as Kate, with a full cast including Chad Connell, Marco Grazzini, Mark Camacho, Elana Dunkelman, Daniela Sandiford, Jesse Camacho,
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