10 Celebrity Cameos That Hurt Superhero Movies (And 10 That Stole The Show)

Moviegoers love a good cameo. The action sort of takes a break to showcase someone who you wouldn’t normally see within the context of the movie. Sometimes the cameo is for fun and laughs. Other times it’s an homage to a TV series or another film the movie you’re currently watching is based on. For anyone who has seen The Force Awakens, then you know a slew of people love Star Wars and appeared at the very least underneath stormtrooper armor. Cameos from directors like Peter Jackson in The Lord Of The Rings movies and Alfred Hitchcock had become commonplace and fans loved to be on the hunt for them.

There are so many cameos and extended cameos throughout the superhero movie world. That’s because of the decades of history behind all of these movies. There’s been more than several actors portraying versions of our
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