Drive-In Dust Offs: Silent Rage (1982)

What more can be said about Chuck Norris? The ubiquitous ’80s B star, he made a series of mostly bland actioners that would only come alive if the director brought a little something different to the table, because they certainly weren’t going to work with an actor who has the charisma of a constipated two-by-four. This brings us to Silent Rage (1982), a hybrid sci-fi/horror/kung fu effort that is quite effective when it pushes away from The Hairy One’s usual antics. You want to see Michael Myers karate chopped by Lone Wolf McQuade? Step right up.

Okay he’s not Michael Myers, but he may as well be; Pov shots and the unstoppable killer’s relentless gait definitely harken back to Halloween and even the previous year’s Halloween II in a bid for some of that sweet slasher bread. It worked well enough at the box office,
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