Film director Alice Rohrwacher: “Making images is a form of faith'

The Italian film-maker’s third movie, Happy As Lazzaro, is being hailed as visionary. Here she discusses her childhood in rural Umbria and why her work is always political

As a child, Italian film-maker Alice Rohrwacher would accompany her parents on road journeys, often at night, transporting the produce of the family beekeeping business. Whenever they arrived somewhere, she would sit in the dark and wonder where she was. “I’d have to work it out from what I could hear, not from what I could see, so I’d listen to the place and the information would enter my mind – and then I’d open my eyes.” That, she says, is why her three feature films all start at night, to put her viewer in the same position. “You have to imagine a world, and then compare the world you imagine with the world outside.”

The universe of Alice
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