Catalog From The Beyond: Tales From The Crypt Season 2, Episode 3 – “Cutting Cards” (1990)

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Lance Henriksen is one of those intriguing actors who straddles the line between character actor and leading man. He’s often cast in off-beat roles, but he always manages to be playing some variation of Lance Henriksen. And I’m fully on board with that. Henriksen’s leathery face and gravelly voice always seem to make any movie he’s in better. An interesting thing about Henriksen: over the course of five decades, his characters have taken one hell of a beating. They’ve been shot, stabbed, ripped in half, shot, lit on fire, blown up, hit by a car, shot, electrocuted, and did I mention shot? This month we take a trip to the small screen for the Tales from the Crypt second season episode “Cutting Cards” in which, interestingly enough, Henriksen makes it to the end credits. But he doesn’t exactly make it through unscathed.

Tales from the Crypt
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