Minding the Gap Review

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This Sundance-winning and Oscar-nominated debut feature from supremely talented newcomer Bing Liu revolves around three skateboard-loving youngsters coming of age in the socially and financially deprived Rust Belt town of Rockford, Illinois. Liu himself is one of them, the director drawing on over 12 years of intimate home-video footage to showcase the bond he shared with friends Keire and Zack – the latter quickly emerging as the joker of the pack in early scenes of drunken house parties and familiar adolescent rebellion.

It’s watchable enough stuff, but it’s not until the first skating sequences – Liu, often following behind on his own board, filming the others as they snake through multstorey car parks and eerily empty streets – that you realise you’re watching something special. Liu has a masterful eye for editing. In his care an activity that by nature can often be so jerky and stop-start becomes fluid, graceful, hypnotic
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