Extended Pennywise: The Story of It Trailer Dissects Stephen King's Classic

The extended trailer for Dead Mouse Productions' Pennywise: The Story of It is here and it is an epic tease for fans of the original miniseries. ABC's 1990 telefilm introduced the work of Stephen King to a whole new generation and probably scarred many children for life at the same time. The miniseries is legendary and Tim Curry's portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown is iconic and still a very popular Halloween costume, even after the release of Andres Muschietti's latest big screen adaptation of It.

Pennywise: The Story of It reunites the original cast and crew of the ABC miniseries and sheds some new light on the project that many still hold dear to their rapid beating hearts. Tim Curry took Stephen King's words on the page and elevated them to a whole new level of fright and fear. Emily Perkins, who played the young Beverly Marsh,
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