Steins;Gate Elite Review

Time travel is a power that you might think is cool at first, but eventually, you’ll realize how terrible it would really be. Altering one single moment can have an effect on someone’s life you would not have been able to predict. Even if it seems inconsequential at the time, you never know what something means in the greater picture. That’s one of the lessons learned in Steins;Gate Elite, an updated re-release of the original 2009 hit. Messing with the past is inherently dangerous, even more so in the hands of these amateurs.

Steins;Gate Elite centers around Okabe Rintaro, Aka Hououin Kyouma. The self-proclaimed mad scientist is the founder of the fledgling Future Gadget Laboratory, which has produced inventions as silly as its name. As you would expect from someone who willingly calls themselves mad, Okabe is a little off, so to speak. He constantly speaks of the Organization,
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