The nine greatest Oscar moments

Nine decades of Oscars have brought many unexpected highlights, from flubbed announcements to streakers

What one of the first recorded Oscar blunders – the ceremony was first held 90 years ago this May – teaches us is always, always say the surname. Or at least wait for yours to be called. Frank Capra learned this the excruciating way when presenter Will Rogers announced best director with the words: ““I’ve watched this young man for a long time. Saw him come up from the bottom. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Come up and get it, Frank!” Capra, nominated for Lady for a Day, had almost walked to the stage when he noticed the spotlight was in fact on Frank Lloyd, director of Cavalcade. He had to slink back through the crowd – with VIPs shouting at him for ruining their view – and later wrote in his autobiography: “I wish I
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