Competing Narratives: Close-Up on Erick Zonca's "Black Tide"

  • MUBI
Close-Up is a feature that spotlights films now playing on Mubi. Erick Zonca's Black Tide (2018) is showing January – March, 2019 on Mubi.As evidenced in his previous feature films, French director Erick Zonca’s most adept skill may be providing the veneer of normalcy, obscuring the more decentering work he does as a filmmaker. This veneer allows the viewer to sink so deeply into his films that the experimental nature at work evades us until the story or the characters have swallowed our attentions whole. It is our receptivity to the nuances of these characters and story lines, so deeply felt and colored-in, that alert us to a deconstructive force at work. With ​Black Tide​, Zonca gives us a vivid field of stories to navigate, seemingly flat land, but ultimately fissuring with each accumulation of fragmented truths and perspectives. Coming into our collective consciousness amidst the 1990s’ torrent of new filmmakers,
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