Film Review: The Shadow Play (2018) by Ye Lou

There is a lot of controversy about the Chinese films being pulled out of this year´s Berlinale. Having in mind that Generation title “Better World” was yanked out just before the festival and Zhang Yimou´s “One Second” was canceled and replaced by his old title “Hero” just days before its scheduled premiere, some might say that the sensitive situation with Ye Lou´s “The Shadow Play” (it got its permission from the national board shortly before the festival) got resolved without much fuss. The film was screened at Panorama and faced immediate positive reactions from the international press.

It is a crime story in a noir-like mystery key set in the ever-growing city of Guangzhou and amongst its real estate tycoon elite. In the midst of the turmoil about an urban development project that would leave a number of poor people homeless, the supposed leading man behind it
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