An Old Story Can’t Find A New Angle In “The Amityville Murders”

There’s a reason that this particular story keeps getting told over and over again. A family, seemingly perfect, that up and butchers themselves? Yeah, that’s fascinating. Whether it’s because of demonic forces or (more likely) just your garden variety insanity, there’s something there that makes for potentially strong horror filmmaking. Alas, that’s rarely the case, and this week’s new offering, The Amityville Murders, does nothing to reverse the trend. It avoids being outwardly terrible, but still ends up bland, unremarkable, and among the least interesting releases of 2019 so far. The movie is an origin story, telling the tale of the first killings that inspired this urban legend. As the official plot synopsis states: “On the night of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. took a high-powered rifle and murdered his entire family as they slept. At his trial, DeFeo claimed that “voices” in the house commanded him to kill.
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