You Got Served 2 Teaser Comes with a Warning: Ya'll Ain't Ready

Guess what? Ya'll ain't ready! For what, you might be asking yourself at this juncture? For You Got Served 2, which is definitely coming sometime this year just as B2K get ready for their big comeback tour, which was announced in late 2018.

You better go get a new NBA jersey, some fresh Air Force Ones, and wash all that sweat out of your old head band. Otherwise, you really won't be ready for this. You Got Served 2 doesn't show us much more than a logo in the first video, but you can definitely feel the exciting echoing off this quick glimpse at what's to come in the very near future.

The Boys of The New Millennium's reunion tour is set for this summer, with some big marquee names including Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, and R&B Singer Mario. But B2K isn't lazy enough to just launch an official come back tour,
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