Oh Bother! Winnie the Pooh Joins Kingdom Hearts III in New Trailer

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Kingdom Hearts III has just confirmed yet another classic Disney world, with a new trailer that features Winnie the Pooh. This won't be the first time we see the Winnie the Pooh world, as it has become something of a mainstay for Kingdom Hearts. More within...

One of the best parts of the Kingdom Hearts experience was always having the opportunity to experience new and different worlds. Hence, why we've been enamored with the trailers that revolve around Monsters Inc., Frozen, and Tangled. While it's always fun to play something new, it is equally exciting to return to the worlds we last experienced roughly 12 years ago. The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III shows that we'll be returning to a world that's become a mainstay in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the Hundred Acre Wood.

Sora returns to 100 Acre Wood with Kingdom Hearts III! Check out additional gameplay revealing Sora’s
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