Crushing on King Khan

Written by Christina Hunter

For most people, it’s only natural to develop a crush on a celebrity. They’re in the spotlight, on magazines, doing interviews, and sometimes successfully acting in your favorite book to movie adaption.

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with them. Their charisma, charm, good looks, talents, I could go on… For some, it was Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, Taye Diggs in When Stella Got Her Groove Back, or Lupita Nyong’o from Black Panther. For me, I experienced love at first…film…I guess you can say, with an actor from a place far from Hollywood.

Yes, my love traveled from Rodeo drive to Marine drive.

Picture it, the year was 2005 and the movie Aziz Mirza’s 2003 film, Chalte Chalte.

Me, being a young impressionable preteen, didn’t stand a chance to…him. I was captivated by his dark hair, his eyes,
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