David Tennant and Emily Watson To Star in a Psychological Thriller Called Quicksand

David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Emily Watson are set to star in a movie called Quicksand. And no, this isn’t a movie where David Tennant gets stuck in quicksand and Emily Watson has to save him. It’s a little bit more heavy than that.

This movie is a psychological thriller that centers on British couple Dan (Tennant) and Sarah (Watson) who are living out their dream in the Mediterranean. “But their paradise comes to an abrupt end when their visiting son is murdered by a local youth. Dan, grief stricken, is offered a chance at revenge by a dangerous stranger who won’t take no for an answer, but the price of revenge is one more murder.”

The movie is being directed by Humans and Troy: Fall of a City TV director Mark Brozel. This will be his first feature film project. This film would also reunite Tennant
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