Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Episode 1 Review – ‘The Recruit’

Chris Cooper reviews the first episode of Star Wars Resistance

Here we go again, a new animated Star Wars show. I didn’t watch The Clone Wars, but I did see Rebels from the beginning, and loved it. Looking back at how that show started, and what I’ve now seen from Resistance, there are a lot of similarities.

An idealistic young man thrust into a new world filled with new and interesting characters. I wonder where we’ve seen that before…

First things first though. The naysayers. Go away! Tcw and Rebels both started off with animation that people didn’t like, characters that people found annoying, and lighter episodes without such high stakes or darkness. These shows are made primarily for kids, and they will mature as their audience does. Learn from the past and embrace this for what is it. It’s not a bad thing.

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