HBO Now New Releases for October 2018

Den Of Geek Staff Sep 21, 2018

We have the highlights of what's coming and going from HBO Now and HBO Go in October 2018.

You may or may have not noticed it but HBO's horror options have gotten pretty grim. Not grim as in scary but grim as in incredibly sparse.

Thankfully the cavalry is arriving in HBO New Releases for October 2018. This is a company that wisely realizes the importance of scary movies around Halloween time. 18 scary movies are coming to HBO Now and HBO Go streams this October. Cool! The catch is that they'll all be gone by month's end. Not cool! Oh well, it's better than nothing. The Descent will also be arriving at the beginning of the month for a much longer stay.

In terms of non-horror programming, HBO has plenty to offer in October. Recent favorites The Post and Game Night make their debut while slightly older classics Dances with Wolves,
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