The Storyteller Review

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Who is Abby? Where did she come from? And why is she here?

This is an enchanting film about a young girl called Abby (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) who somehow sees a fairy nobody else can. She mysteriously turns up out of the blue one night and ends up in the nursing home of an elderly lady called Rosemary (Constance Towers). She gives us the impression that somehow this little girl is her older sister who went missing many years ago, but we’re not quite sure if this is the whole story… or even the story at all. Is Rosemary just old and going mad, or is she telling the truth?

The Storyteller gives us magic, music and heart-warming sensations of love and family. Once broken but now filled with light and laughter again, the Stevens family which consists of Rosemary, her granddaughter Maggie (Samantha Colburn) and Maggie’s adopted
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