‘Forever’ Co-Creators on That Incredible Episode 6 Curveball and the Possibilities for Season 2

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[Note: The following interview contains spoilers for the Amazon series “Forever.”]

“Andre and Sarah” is one of the best short films of 2018. Within the overall framework of “Forever,” the new Amazon series that explores the strains and strengths of a marriage through multiple realms of existence, the sixth of the eight episodes functions as its own self-contained story.

Jason Mitchell and Hong Chau play the title characters of the episode, two real estate professionals whose chance meeting at an open house leads to a decades-long love affair. As series co-creators Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard told IndieWire, it’s a half hour of surprises that was tied into the conception of the show almost from the beginning.

“When Hubbard and I started talking about the show early on, there was an idea that came up that Maya’s character could be watching some other lives transpiring over the course of many, many years, even going into decades,” Yang said.
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