Toronto: Correspondences #8 — Pairs and Personas

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The Notebook is covering Tiff with an on-going correspondence between critics Kelley Dong and Daniel Kasman.Our BodyDear Danny, For me, one of the jarring components of a film festival is that temperatures are continually in flux, not only outside—it is much colder this week, as I'm sure you know—but also inside the theatre, where I go from one warm movie to a very cold one multiple times a day. I envy that you have seen, at very least, some of the finer genre films here; I myself have been seeing mostly blockbusters, with the occasional arthouse film of relatively smaller scale. But speaking of art cinema: To celebrate the centenary of Ingmar Bergman's birth, Tiff Cinematheque showed its 35mm print of his Persona at a free public screening, just one of an abundance of events offered here outside of the scheduled programming. Since its 1966 release, the
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