Anthropophagous and Absurd Coming to Blu-ray This September from Severin Films

The first drive-in movie reviewed by Joe Bob Briggs (read Daily Dead's interview with the horror host here for more on that story), the Italian horror movie Anthropophagous is coming to Blu-ray, along with 1981 film Absurd, aka Anthropophagous 2, uncut this September from the fine folks at Severin Films, and we have a look at the cover art and full list of special features for both releases.

Press Release: On September 25th, Severin Films is regurgitating two of the gutsiest of grim grails ever forged by Italy’s most infamous anti-human maestro, Joe D’Amato. Anthropophagous (1980) and Absurd (1981) are coming to Blu-Ray fully uncut and packed with special features to make you lose your lunch! To celebrate these gut-wrenching releases, Severin has also created epically upsetting merchandise that includes an Anthropophagous plush toy with entrails that pull out of his stomach just like real innards! The toy is safe for children
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