Sailor Moon: 10 Characters Weaker Than Tuxedo Mask (And 16 Who Are Way Stronger)

Sailor Moon has brought iconic storylines, outfits, and characters into the world of anime, like Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Luna ,and Artemis.

It also featured some of the strongest women to ever grace the animated world. Many young girls look up to the Sailor Scouts and their adventures, as they save the galaxy from the forces of evil. This tradition of girl-power has only continued with the recent syndication of Sailor Moon Crystal.

However, just as iconically, Sailor Moon's love interest, Tuxedo Mask, is known for his weaknesses. While encouraging and brave, the masked hero plays damsel in distress far more often than anyone else on the show. It's one of the earliest, most popular version of flipping the popular hero trope on its head.

Tuxedo Mask isn't useless, though, despite the fact that he's become a popular meme online because of this. There are several characters weaker than him
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