Film Review: Police Story (1985) by Jackie Chan

*The review refers to the Japanese Cut of the film (105 minutes)

Considered by Jackie Chan himself as his best action film, “Police Story” is a true one-man show, with him writing, directing, acting as stunt coordinator and having the protagonist role, and also the movie that established him as a worldwide superstar. The first part of a series that spawned five sequels and one spinoff film (“Once A Cop” won the Best Film award at the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards and was a huge success in East Asia.

The story revolves around Sergeant Chan Ka-Kui, who is assigned to the Royal Hong Kong Police Force after finishing his Special Ops training. His first mission, alongside former colleague “Big Mouth” and a number of undercover officers, is to arrest crime lord Chu Tao, in a shanty town. The operation is a success, but Chan and his team wreak
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