Comics Corner: The Hellblazer #24, Hack/Slash: Resurrection #9, Big Trouble In Little China: Old Man Jack #11, Spirit Hunters #12

Would you go to literal Hell and back for a loved one? You can find out if John does in the final chapter of the "Good Ole Days" run in The Hellblazer #24. Also in today's Comics Corner: check out details on Multiple Man #2, Moonshine #12, Hack/Slash: Resurrection #9, Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #11, Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #3, Gravetrancers #4, Redneck #13, and issue #12, the series finale, of Spirit Hunters.

The Hellblazer #24: "What would you sacrifice to save someone from damnation? The final chapter of “The Good Old Days” puts what may be the final nail in John Constantine’s coffin: preparing to say goodbye to this mortal coil, John’s oddly introspective, brooding over an ex-lover who’s possessed by demons. Since she can’t be exorcised, she’s bound for Hell—unless John makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes her place. Pack light, John—we hear
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