Kiefer Sutherland: ‘My greatest fear is of being humiliated’

The actor and singer-songwriter, 51, on being a twin, playing his first gig and growing up in a political family

Breaking your little toe really hurts. I’ve broken my ankle, my wrist, my elbow, ribs, collarbone, my kneecaps, most of those filming 24 – but the most painful was my pinkie toe. There was a bomb sequence where things were exploding all around me and I was a bit slow getting to my mark and I got hit. It doesn’t sound very butch but it made my eyes water.

Do what you want. That was the single most important thing I learned from my parents, because they did. My dad [Donald], as an actor, went where the work was, my mother [Shirley Douglas] was an actress and a political activist. The choices they made were maybe not the best choices as a parent but they were the best for their lives. So
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