Movie Review – Blackenstein (1973)

Blackenstein, 1973.

Directed by William A. Levey.

Starring John Hart, Ivory Stone, Andrea King, Roosevelt Jackson, and Joe Du Sue.


After being wounded in Vietnam, Eddie is given a second chance at life by a DNA scientist who manages to reconstruct the wounded soldiers lost limbs. However, the results soon turn monstrous when a crazed lab assistant gives the resurrected veteran the wrong formula, causing havoc in the process.

One of the great things about Blaxploitation is that it could be mixed in with various other genres to create some wonderful blends. Mix it with a detective/cop film and you get Shaft. Mix it with a revenge action thriller you get Coffy or Foxy Brown. Mix it with spy flick you get…uh…Live and Let Die? My point is you can mix Blaxploitation with anything and you’re almost bound to get something interesting at the end of it,
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