‘Jaws 2’ Was Almost ‘Saving Private Ryan’ With Sharks (Podcast)

‘Jaws 2’ Was Almost ‘Saving Private Ryan’ With Sharks (Podcast)
The scariest moment in “Jaws” doesn’t include a shark on-screen. It comes when Quint describes Navy crewmen, survivors of the sunken USS Indianapolis, being eaten alive in a shark feeding frenzy in 1945. Steven Spielberg wanted “Jaws 2” to tell that true story: Think “Saving Private Ryan,” with sharks.

The “Jaws” sequel that might have been is one topic of discussion in our new “Shoot This Now” podcast, which you can listen to on Apple or right here:

Our guest for the episode is Mark Ramsey, host of the stunning “Inside Jaws” podcast. Besides recounting Spielberg’s journey as he directed “Jaws,” it also re-enacts some of the hellish shark attacks that inspired the film.

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What makes Quint’s story so scary is its accuracy. Almost everything he says is based in fact.

It was July 30, 1945. The
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