Blu-ray Review: Frank Borzage's Moonrise Glows for Criterion

Director Frank Borzage was never one to wallow in the darkness. He made quality dramas, his work spanning from the silent era into the early 1960s. Although one of the major filmmakers in his earlier career, we don’t hear all that much of the cinematic imprints and impressions of Borzage today. Why is that? Sure, it’s true that any given canon is only so large, but Borzage is someone who was thoroughly respected, having won Academy Awards as Best Director twice (1929 for 7th Heaven and 1932 for Bad Girl), as well as displaying an undeniable authorial vision and distinct worldview. Like John Ford, Fritz Lang, and Yasujirô Ozu, Borzage started early enough and worked long enough that he witnessed numerous technical innovations and...

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